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How To Decorate a Living Room with Style, Class & Elegance

Decorating a living room doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, there are many inexpensive ways to spruce up this space that will improve its functionality and appeal.

Besides using what you have, try these ideas for creating style, class, and elegance in your living room with inexpensive tips!

coastal living room

Choose the Right Color Scheme.

You should choose colors that complement each other and work well together.

If you use too much color, it can overwhelm the room. Too little color can make the room feel empty.

I like starting with neutral colors. These can be whites, grays, beige. Then add two-four additional colors to the space.

These can be added in artwork, pillows, trinkets, or rugs.

living room with neutral colors

Add Texture.

Adding texture to a space adds interest and depth.

Try using different textures such as wood, stone, metal, glass, fabric, and even wallpaper.

Texture is a great thing to add to keep things interesting.

Some easy ways to add texture are with different style pillows. Don’t always go for the flat front pillow. Instead, use some with different patterns and ruching.

Glass or wood coffee tables can help create texture in living room as well.

Wall decor can easily bring in different textures like paint, wreaths, or mirrors.

modern living room

Create Balance.

If you want to add balance to your living room decor, try adding some symmetry.

The symmetry will help keep things looking balanced and organized. You can use mirrors, art, furniture, or other items to achieve symmetry.

Start with one focal point in the room. Then add items of similar heights on each side.

Group items into groupings of threes. It is easier on the eyes.

Make sure you have visual interest by having items at different heights as well.

Add Storage.

One of the easiest ways to add storage to a space is by using shelves.

Shelves can be used to store books, magazines, knickknacks, and more.

They also make a great place to display artwork, photos, and collectibles.

Shelving works as a way to add texture and visual interest to a space as well. I love using shelving to store items I want to showcase.

You can also use baskets or bins to add storage to the space. This way your eye isn’t distracted by items you want to keep in your living room but don’t want to display.

living rooms with plants

Install Lighting.

You should install lighting throughout your home.

This will help you see better at night and reduce eyestrain. Not all rooms have overhead lighting.

You can either install overhead lighting, or use lamps. Lamps can create a great way to decorate your space as well. Lampshades can create visual interest and bring texture into the space.

Make sure you have at least three different lighting options in your living room.

If you live in an area with harsh sunlight, consider installing blinds or shades. Curtains can also be added. This is another way to add visual interest to your room, along with texture.

There are a few recommendations for hanging your curtains.

Hanging curtains all the way to the floor so they kiss. You can also hang curtains so they puddle the floor. And you can have the curtains touch to the baseboards.

All three options work depending on your space and window size.

Allow the curtain rod to hang over the window trim by at least 3 inches. Heavier curtains need at least 6 inches.

traditional living room

Decorate A Living Room

To decorate a living room, start with a color scheme that works for you.

Add in texture through different elements like curtains, coffee tables, wall decor, and pillows.

Create balance by grouping items together into groupings of three.

Ensure proper lighting with at least three lighting options in your living room.

And hang curtains at the proper height around the window frame.